Frequently asked questions


1. What are the advantages of self-consumption?
Self-production and self-consumption of energy allow you to save on your energy costs by limiting the withdrawal from the national electricity grid, allowing your business to have an ecologically sustainable footprint!

2. Are there any requirements? Which?
Do you have a standard roof that is large enough to accommodate a system? Do you consume enough (at least 40,000 / 50,000 kWh / year) to also have a tangible economic benefit? Here, then the basics are there! To find out more about the best tailor-made solution to power your business, contact us by filling out this form.

3. What is the difference between solar photovoltaic and solar thermal?
The main purpose of solar thermal is the production of hot water for domestic or industrial use (although the latter use is very rare). Solar photovoltaics, on the other hand, are aimed at producing electricity.

4. How is a photovoltaic system built? How long does it take?
Although each installation is separate, based on the technical peculiarities of the system itself, on average between installation and commissioning it takes from 6 weeks (for smaller industrial systems, around 20-50kW in size) to 3 months (if we move towards 1 MW of power to be installed). The construction process can be reduced to three stages:

1) detailed design,

2) system installation,

3) paperwork and commissioning.

5. What is the useful life of a plant?
A plant guarantees good performance for an average of 20-25 years.

6. How much maintenance does the system need?
Under standard conditions, a plant requires routine maintenance and cleaning once / maximum twice a year.

7. Will I need to install batteries?
It will not be necessary to install batteries as the excess energy can be fed into the national grid and will therefore be remunerated by the system according to the regulations in force.

8. Where can I check and download my bills?
You can view and download your bills in your personal Client Area 

9. Are there any incentives?
Yes, there are incentives to install solar power, but they depend on the area, as they are linked to specific national or regional regulations.

10. What happens if there is a fault? Is there a guarantee?
All components used by EDP come with a specific guarantee, which you can also consider extending over time.

11. What brands do we use? (inverters and panels)
EDP uses only top-quality components, since we only use the brands listed in the TOP 15 of Bloomberg's Tier 1.

12. Is EDP taking care of installation and maintenance or do you use local installers?
We employ qualified installers in each region of competence.


13. What types of services can I request? (account transfer, switch in, etc.)
We can provide any type of service, from the simple change of supplier, to the account transfer, to the takeover or connection of a new POD.

14. How does the account transfer work? (How to request, who requests it, how long does it take)
The account transfer consists in a change of the holder of the supply. To do so, the outgoing and incoming users will have to sign the transfer form that you can find here, the exchange will be effective a few days after the signed document has been sent.

15. How can I make a takeover?
To take over, the meter must be contestable (can be activated), sign all the contractual documents and the supply activation request form that you can find here, indicating the power and the required voltage. The standard activation takes place within five working days of sending the request.

16. How does a new connection work?
To make a connection it is necessary to sign the supply activation request form indicating the power and voltage required. Once the documents have been received, the distributor carries out an inspection and quotes the amount to be paid to activate the supply. The activation times vary according to the power of the meter and any work carried out by the customer and the distributor.

17. How can I ask for an increase in power?
To make a power change it is necessary to sign the power change request form that you can find here; the change usually takes five working days.

18. I have to move the meter, what do I do?
To move the meter, it is necessary to sign the request form to move the meter that you can find here, indicating whether it is a displacement smaller than or greater than 10 meters. In the case of displacement of less than 10 meters, the cost is standard, and the meter is automatically moved during the inspection phase. In the case of displacements exceeding 10 meters, however, the distributor will come out to carry out an inspection and following will then issue a quote.

19. What if I want to terminate a contract?
To cease the supply, it is necessary to sign the deactivation request form that you can find here. Once termination is requested, the distributor deactivates the supply within five days

20. Who do I contact in case of meter failures?
Call the emergency number indicated on the invoice.

Payments and bills

21. How can I pay the invoice?
There are two methods of payment: by direct debit or by bank transfer

22. How often will I receive the invoice?
Billing is monthly

23. What happens if I forget to pay the invoice?
A reminder PEC is sent during the month following the deadline

24. How am I notified when the invoice has been issued?
Through your personal Client Area, or by checking your tax drawer

25. Who can I contact if I have received a letter of formal notice?
You can reply to the PEC received by requesting any deferral of payment

26. Where can I check if I have paid all my bills and download my bills?
On your personal Client Area

27. Is there an invoice notification service?
No, but you can find all your invoices in your personal Client Area 

28. Can I change the delivery address of the invoice?
Yes, by contacting us through this form 

29. Why do I have to pay you the debts I had with my previous supplier (CMOR)?
The CMOR must be paid to the current supplier, based on the decisions of the authority

30. If I am an “intimato/salvaguardia” customer, where can I send proof of payment?
You can respond to the PEC of formal notice by attaching proof of payment

31. My bill contains a higher consumption than what my meter shows. What can I do?
You can contact us through this form and the balance will be made in the next invoice



32. How can I check the activation status of the supply?
Contact us through this form and we’ll give you all the details!

33. At what point is the resolution of my complaint?
Contact us through this form and we’ll give you all the details!

34. Can I autonomously deactivate my electricity or gas supply?
No, only EDP can do it.

35. Where can I find information on my active offer?
Contact us through this form and we’ll give you all the details!

Client area

36. How can I register in my Client Area?
To access your personal Client Area select "Login",”

  • To create an account and have access to your EDP client area, follow the steps below.
     Go to and click on "Register"
  • Enter your name, tax code / VAT number and e-mail address
  • The request will then be validated, and the message will then be emailed to activate your account. 
  • Log into your email and click on the button indicated to activate your account

37. I have not received the activation message, what should I do?
Sometimes sending the email with the link to enable registration may take a few minutes. Please wait a while before checking your inbox. If, after some time, you still do not receive the email, contact us using this form 

38. How can I cancel my registration?
To cancel a registration, contact us through this form 

39. What can I do in my Client Area?
You can manage all your energy, in one place, wherever and whenever you want. Through your personal Client Area you can: 

  • Check invoices and payments
  • View and download your invoices
  • Monitor your consumption and compare it with previous consumption
  • Check the contractual data, the delivery, and the billing address

40. How can I recover my password and / or unlock my account?
If you have forgotten your Client Area login details, you can retrieve them