Natural Gas, a clean and friendly environment commodity.

Sophisticated products

Different indexes, timelines, fixing possibilities and much more

Savings for the client

Save in your energy invoice.

Green energy

If you are interested we can offer you renewable energy.

Gas Fixed Price

If you are looking for a fixed price product with no volatility during the contract lifetime, and you want an easy to understand and simple product, we recommend you our fixed price gas product. It will be clear from the beginning how much it will be your gas cost, and you will have no surprises in your invoices.

Main advantages:

  • Fixed price: without changes within the contract lifetime.
  • Simple: product clear and easy to understand.
  • Predictable invoices: everything is clear from the beginning.
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Gas Indexed Price

If you want to access to a risk management performance and you want to benefit from the energy market and gas hubs opportunities, having a clear, simple and low-risk product, with EDP’s advice, we offer you our indexed product. We also offer you the possibility to fix prices at the most interesting moments so you can benefit from price decreases and transform your indexed price into a fixed one.

Main advantages:

  • Low-risk: simple and clear product with low risk.
  • EDP expert advice : we have our energy adviser available to help and solve your doubts.
  • Market opportunities optimization: take advantage of energy market opportunities.
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